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Spray Tan Guide

Whether you have had 200 spray tans, or it is your first time, this guide will help you with all the dos and don'ts of spray tanning. The prep is just as important as the actual spray tan. We want you to have amazing results, so we have put this guide together to give you ALL the details before, after, and during your tan.

Before tan:

  • Shower, exfoliate and shave 24 hours (no less than 12) before your tanning session. Use baking soda or scrub, and an exfoliating mitt or washcloth. Be sure to exfoliate as your last step when showering the night before.  This will avoid any residue on your body from shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving cream, razor blade etc.  Exfoliating is a very important step in the prep process, and will help your tan go on smoother and last longer.

  • If you have any residual self tanner or tan from a previous spray tan, this must be completely removed before your appointment. If there is residual or previous tan on the skin, the spray tan may appear splotchy and will fade unevenly. At Solei we sell tan eraser and exfoliating mitts that can help with this! 

  • No Dove soaps or Dove body washes before or during your tan. They leave a film on the skin. 

  • Schedule any manis, pedis, waxing or lash appointments at least 24 hours before your spray tan.  If they are closer to your tan appointment, make sure there is no residue on your skin from the services or the tan may not take well in those areas.  

Day of tan:

  • Ensure there are no lotions, oils, perfumes, makeups or deodorants on your skin the day of your tan.  Come with skin clean and dry.  No showers within 6 hours of your appointment.  If you must, rinse with just water and please use cold water to ensure closed pores. 

  • Females, you may tan however you feel comfortable...topless, nude, swimsuit, undergarments. We provide disposable thongs if you would like to use one. If you are comfortable, we are comfortable! If you decide to wear any form of undergarment or clothing, just keep in mind the tan lines with all the different clothing you may be wearing during the life of your tan (open back outfits, deep V-neck tops  or dresses, swimsuits etc.) Spray tan lines are defined. If spray tanning bra-less, it is recommended to continue braless during the developing process as to not create undesired tan lines from rubbing. For reference, the majority of females tan braless with a disposable thong or nude.

  • Males must wear boxers, shorts or briefs. Tanning solution will wash out of most materials if your garments are washed promptly, but we are not responsible for stains.

  • Wear or bring dark, loose clothing and slides or flip flops to your appointment to wear after your spray tan. For best results during the developing process, bring dark, loose pants and a large, baggy long-sleeve shirt. If you absolutely can not wear a long sleeve shirt, bring a very loose and baggy short sleeve shirt with sleeves long enough to reach elbows. Shorts, dresses, jeans or leggings are not recommended. If the incorrect garments are worn after a spray tan, this will hinder your spray tan development and will affect your results. During development, it is best to avoid any skin to skin rubbing, rubbing from undergarments (i.e. braless) and to avoid sweating. If there is a chance of rain, please bring an umbrella, long sleeves, pants and EXTREMELY loose, closed toed shoes AND flip flops or slides!

  • If you have leather seats, you may bring a towel to sit on if desired.  


After tan:

  • Do not get wet, sweat, or rinse until the time specified at your appointment.  When sleeping in your tan, wear loose, long pants and shirts to avoid skin to skin contact. No contact with water, lotions, oils, etc during the developing process.

  • Avoid sweating or exercise for 24-48 hours post tan.

  • Your first shower should be a rinse only, no soap.  Rinse until all of the water runs clear.  Guide all bronzer off with your hands in circular motions.  It is normal for color to rinse off with your shower, this is just the bronzer/color guide.  Pat dry after all showers, no rubbing. You may take a shower with soap and wash your hair after it has been over 24 hours since your spray tan appointment. Remember to use spray tan safe products. (We have all spray tan safe products needed for the life of your tan at Solei.)

  • Your tan should last 5-12 days with proper before and after care.  Everyone's skin is different and this also depends on your natural skin cell turnover rate. 

  • Use mild and gentle spray tan safe body washes to prolong your tan.  Harsh body washes can start to turn your tan brassy or strip the color.  We sell tan safe body wash and lotions.  Acne products, retinol, perfumes, highly scented lotions can all fade your tan.  

  • Wait 24 hours to shave if possible and the less shaving the better throughout your tan.

  • Moisturize twice a day with spray tan safe moisturizer, starting after your soap shower.  For best results, use a tan extender lotion in addition to a spray tan enhancing moisturizer twice daily.

  • Hand sanitizers and sprays can cause the tops of your hands to fade unevenly or appear splotchy. 

  • Salt water, chlorine, spas, saunas and heavy exercise may fade your tan faster.

  • Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Solei Salon Cancellation Policy:

In the case of a cancellation, no-show, or reschedule within less than 48 hours, a 35% (~$16.45) non-refundable fee will be charged. This fee also applies if an appointment is cancelled due to lack of following skin preparation as listed in the spray tan guide.

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