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Solei's front desk painted white and solei logo on back wall painted  yellow

About Solei

Solei is derived from the French word for sun, "Soleil." We removed the "L" at the end and formed it as a box around "Solei" in our logo.

Solei is pronounced / "So-lay."

We are a local community salon that wants to break the mold of ordinary tanning salons. At Solei, we tan differently. We care about your skin, and want you to be confident and feel empowered when you tan with us.

Whether it is your first time tanning in a tanning bed or getting a spray tan, or whether you are a tanning pro, we are relatable and here to help you achieve your tanning goals. We strive to be friendly and approachable so you can feel comfortable asking us any questions, and feel like you are part of the family when you come to tan.

Confidence radiates from the inside out, and we want to help you embrace your skin and wear it with confidence every single day. Glowing, hydrated, bronzed skin is the best "pick me up" to conquer whatever comes your way!

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