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Indoor Tanning

We have a variety of tanning beds and packages to choose from, including bronzing beds and stand up booths. Whether you are a seasoned tanner, or have never used a tanning bed before, our staff is knowledgeable and ready to help you create a custom tanning plan to achieve your tanning goals.


Open Sun 1050


One of the best high pressure beds in the industry.


If you are looking to maximize your results, and get the best tan in the shortest amount of time. This is THE bed for you. The Open Sun is a high pressure bed designed to give you an all around 360 tan in 12 minutes or less. Clients who use this bed agree that it gives

6 to 10 times better and faster results!

Single Visit     $22

Bronzing Beds

Affinity 600
Passion 40/3


Solei has many bed options, stop in to see them all.

Whether you are an avid tanner, or just beginning, we have a variety of beds to choose from, and can help you select the best option for you. We want you to have great results, and enjoy your tanning experience. 

Single Visit     $10 - $19


How often should you tan?

This answer varies based on skin type. On average, we recommend tanning 2-3 times weekly for maintenance, and an average of 3-4 times weekly to build up color. Tanning daily is not recommended for your skin. The way our month unlimited packages are set up, you don't need to tan daily to get "your money's worth." For most packages, if you plan on coming twice a week or more, a monthly package is cheaper than purchasing visits individually.


Does lotion really help?

Yes! There is an entire science behind why tanning lotions help to maximize your results. Professional grade salon tanning lotions help to increase your body's natural melanin production and help you to get better and faster results from each visit. When you use the proper tanning lotion and aftercare extender regimen, you will notice you tan faster, have better color, and your tan stays much longer before fading. Make sure to protect yourself, and only purchase lotions from professional tanning salons.


Why does it feel like my tan fades quickly?

If you feel your tan is fading quickly, or you feel like you need to tan every day in order to keep color, this usually means your skin is exfoliating too quickly. This could be due to dryness, or the lack of a proper tan extending moisturizer. Not all moisturizers are created equal, and indoor tanners need special ingredients to preserve their tan.

We love answering questions and helping you achieve the best tan possible.

Feel free to ask us questions when in the salon.

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